Tuesday, August 16, 2011


     In today’s world, you’re either tech savvy with some device attached to your hip or you’re left behind in ancient times. It’s a rare feat that someone doesn’t have at least some type of Smartphone, laptop, tablet, digital camera or MP3 player on them at all times. I know I personally couldn’t function without my cell phone, MP3 and video player or my tablet. But the big question is, with so many companies out there vying for our attention, who should we choose to buy?

     Some like to buy whatever the newest product out is as they figure it has the latest specs and technology. I feel buying a new device when it first comes out is the absolute worst thing you can do as it’s those first shipments that contain the most glitches. All things considered, when it comes to buying a new Smartphone, my favorite phone right now is the Samsung Galaxy Vibrant line. Since I’m a T-Mobile customer, I choose to upgrade to the Samsung Vibrant phone last year.

       The Vibrant features internal 16GB storage with 512 MB RAM; 2.0 micro USB, 720p video capability and an Android operating system. I absolutely love this phone over all others! I like how think and light weight the Vibrant is when compared to other phones, like the Apple I-phone. It’s about half the width of a second generation Apple I-phone, has a longer and larger screen than most which is ideal for viewing movies or checking e-mails.

       It’s also slightly longer than most other phones but even with the added height, this phone is still far lighter weighted than other phones. I only liked using phones that have an Android operating system as I find phones with windows operating systems are more problematic and the firmware isn’t as easily upgradable as the Android based phones.

     Also, according to most consumer reports and scientific studies done recently, the entire line of Samsung galaxy series products, meaning phones and tablets, emit far less radiation than any other company out there. Though studies linking cell phone radiation and cancer are still on going, they’ve at least found less emission from the Samsung line. Samsung products also have the least amount of flaws and glitches when their products first come out and if there is a problem, you can easily get a replacement with in a certain amount of weeks. 

      I’ve had other brands of phones that I’ve used and had to return due to software issues. Though since then, these other companies, such as Nokia, have also stepped up their production as I find far less flaws in their phones these days.

     I feel there are so many people buying equipment that may not be the best out there but because of all the hype, like with the Apple I-phones, consumers are willing to just go with the crowd without first considering what’s best to try. There’s line for months whenever Apple comes out with a new product but these people always take home flawed items that Apple then has to spend even more money replacing. Steve Jobs does an amazing job of promoting his company’s products but I often feel Apple starts selling their products without fully product testing them or getting user opinions and considering how much an I-phone used to cost, it’s just not worth all the hassle. Samsung comes out with some great products that are product tested until they’re right.

    They used T-Mobile as a guinea pig to see how well their products did and once they saw the great feedback they were receiving, they partnered with every phone cell phone company out there and created a Galaxy series phone for all of them. This was a very smart move on their part as it almost gives them a monopoly in the cell phone industry. 

    Not even Apple can claim that right. Samsung is up to their old tricks by using T-Mobile to promote and market their two newest Tablets and I feel once Samsung sees how profitable their tablets are, they’ll start marketing them for other companies as well, cornering that market too. In the end, I love my vibrant phone and my next phone will definitely be the newest Samsung phone available and I second that for the Samsung Table

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