Monday, April 4, 2011

Did I really just crash the Harry Potter Discovery Times Sq red carpet event? Yea, I kinda did

  On Monday April 4th 2011, I left my job promptly at 4pm and was on my way to SOHO when I received an e-mail about the premiere opening for the Discovery Times Square’s latest exhibit for Harry Potter. Discovery Times Square is a new attraction that hosts different showcases filled with artifacts. They recently had an Egyptian exhibit featuring artifacts from King Tut’s tomb that once they left America, they would never leave Egypt’s museums again.

      Currently, Warner Bros, the company that produced the Harry Potter movies, has given Discovery several props, items and clothing from all eight Harry Potter movies to be placed on display in three floors worth of interactive exhibits. On Discovery’s opening night, during the premiere, I headed downtown and arrived at the Discovery building around 5:30pm. There was a section with bleacher seats directly across from the entrance that were set aside for die hard fans only. Everyone else just crowded around on the sidewalks.

      I decided to stand with a small group of people that were by Bowlmore Lanes Bowling alley, next door to the Discovery building. I figured I could see more as I was closer to the entrance of Discovery. I waited patiently for the 7pm start time as more; very well dressed people arrived and began standing where I was. Turns out I was standing in the VIP ticket holder’s line for those lucky enough or with the right connections to be invited to the premiere. I waited and waited and when the VIPs were let in, I sauntered my way towards the main door and the red carpet.

     They would only let the VIPs inside in groups so my group was stopped right by the doorway. A security guy told me they needed to clear the entrance so he asked me if I was VIP or press? I promptly replied “I was press” figuring I’d have a better chance as press don’t need tickets just credentials. He then led me into the press only area where I stayed right behind the MTV camera the entire night! I’m used to being on the red carpet as I get invited to a lot of events like this, so I knew proper etiquette for the night. I never asked for an autograph, if another press person was trying to get a shot (like the gentleman from, I politely moved out of their way.

      Once the celebs started to arrive the crowds went insane chanting “cross the street” as fans tried to get the actors to come say hi. A few did but it became too crazy and unsafe so the security guards asked them to not cross over anymore. As the celebs came down towards my section, they were ushered to every press person for an interview. I was even asked by someone, her publicist maybe, if I wanted to say hello to Bonnie Wright, Ginny Weasley from the film, and I said sure! I talked with her briefly and then I talked with James and Oliver Phelps, Fred and George Weasley from the film. 

    I met quite a few people that night but sadly, ‘Harry’,’ Ron’, ‘Hermione’, and ‘Draco’ weren’t there.
Everyone was super nice, including the other press people there and I enjoyed networking and talking to them all. Every time I tell this story to my friends and show them the pictures I took while there, they’re amazed at how bold I was that night. It wasn’t my plan to crash the premiere and be on the red carpet but everyone who knows me knows I’ve always been overly bold, quick thinking, always had incredible luck and karma on my side. 

      I’ve never been one to pass on an opportunity and I’m glad I didn’t pass on this. My only regret is the press wasn’t allowed to view the exhibit itself as I’ve always loved the exhibits at Discovery Times Square. I would’ve loved to end my night with a free Harry Potter or Pompeii preview! Guess those reviews will have to wait for another article!

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