Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Workaholics Red Carpet Bowling

    Comedy central is the reigning king of comedy channels. They feature a strong line up of shows like South Park, Futurama and Tosh.0 and presents showcases. Competition for ratings is always a key factor in which shows each channel decides to air. So, to help a new show get a huge audience, ratings-wise, most channels will do anything they can to help one of their shows. Comedy Central is no different in that they not only advertise their shows, but they also try to promote even before it officially aired. 

    This was the case with the new Comedy Central show called Workaholics. Workaholics is a raunchy new sketch comedy show starring Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, and Adam Devine. The show follows the dysfunctional lives of these three and how they cause complete chaos (or add to the impending chaos at their job).

    Comedy central treated potential fans to three hours of free beer, provided by Brooklyn Brewery which is located right next door Brooklyn Bowl where the event was held. Potential fans also got to watch the pilot episode before it aired and had a chance to say hello to the cast. All three main actors were there and they performed 45 minutes of sketch comedy, not related to the show, complete with a few songs. 

   They said they just wanted to show people what their comedy style was as they knew most people wouldn’t know who they were and therefore might not watch the show. After their performance was over, the stayed long past midnight to party with everyone.

    Around one AM this amazing band came out to perform called ‘Zombie Dreamers’. They were a huge ensemble house band that had three saxophone players, one trumpet player, four violinists, two drummers, one guitarist, one bass player, etc. They covered a few other bands’ songs with their own style but for the most part they played their own original music. Their sound was very much like Brian Setzer bands meets Maroon 5 with a twist. Everyone got up and danced to these guys. It was a great way to party into the next morning.

You can catch Workaholics on Comedy Central; check out www.comedycentral.com for TV listings.

For more info on bands performing at Brooklyn Bowl, check out their website www.brooklynbowl.com .

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