Sunday, January 20, 2019

Glass (2019) Movie Review

        M Night Shyamalan has always, ALWAYS, reinvented the film maker game with his profound and abstract vision. No two movies are like and don't expect any sequels to follow in the direct footsteps of its predecessor. We can see that in both Unbreakable and its sequel, Split. In Unbreakable, the world was introduced to a new type of super hero and super villain. 

     The super hero, in this case, isn't some dashing, overly good looking, god-like, rich person (or alien). Instead he's more normal, David Dunn, loving husband and father, works a regular 9 - 5pm job. Doesn't even know he's a super hero until a tragic accident occurs on his train ride to work. Unbreakable also introduced us to the main villain, Elijah Price, who later becomes known by his pseudonym, Mr Glass. 

      Nineteen years later, a sequel to Unbreakable is released and entitled, Split. Split stars James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy as Kevin Wendell Crumb and Casey Cooke, respectively. Kevin Wendell Crumb has dissociative identity disorder, or DID, and as three of his personalities deceive the other 20, including Kevin himself, a 24th personality emerges and kidnaps Casey and her friends thus setting up the third installment, Glass. 

     I saw Glass during opening weekend at an AMC Imax theater and I did not know what to expect honestly. I trust Shyamalan's creative direction, but on some occasions, he's missed the mark with me. As I sat through Glass, I was deeply entertained and thrilled at the dynamics. Glass takes place in a Philadelphia mental institution, run by Sarah Paulson's character, Dr. Ellie Staple, where Dunn, Horde, and Mr Glass have all been captured and detained. From here i was expecting the big final showdown between Horde and Dunn. But in true Shyamalan fashion, this movie took a huge swerve and redirected the entire film. 

    While I won't divulge the many twists that occur, I will say this tiny spoiler, this movie, and all the movies in this series, are all origin stories, and the biggest origins are revealed in Glass. While there were a lot of fighting scenes and major showdowns, I'm extremely happy Shyamalan changed things up with several plot twists in the end causing Glass to be a very smart film. We finally get to see Elijah's master plan, one that dated back all the way from when he was captured in Unbreakable. His plan is genius yet insane. A plan only someone as smart and passionate as Elijah, make no mistake, he owns this movie. That is until, in another spoiler twist, after Glass's plans are set in motion the audience finds out there has been a bigger and more secretive mastermind running things in this super hero versus villain world even before the events unfold in Unbreakable! 

    What I love about Shyamalan's films are that they aren't transparent, you think you know what's coming but he twists your mind more times than a rollercoaster. I found myself, by the end of the film, feeling a ton of empathy for all three of the main characters, understanding them more so in this movie over any of the others. (And yes, to understand Glass, you will need to have watched both its predecessors or you will be confused). I love that we are also given way more back story into each of the three main characters, to better understand what led them down their paths. 

     Shyamalan's use of certain mental health diseases being used as character superpowers was not shown as demeaning or indulging in anyway People who have these ailments should not be offended by the actors portraying them. It did give me more insight into what it's like or how people treat you when you have one of these diseases. 

      All in all, I absolutely LOVED this film! It was beyond enjoyable and thrilling to watch. It had perfect pacing, great setting and the actors were perfect for each role. If James McAvoy doesn't get some type of awards for his performance in both Split and Glass, the award shows are totally rigged!! You thought he was good in Split, but in Glass, he literally has to go through all 24 personalities, back to back,within the span of seconds! That's true acting! 

    Go see Glass, now! And if you haven't seen its' predecessors, see those first, you won't be disappointed at all. Although this is truly the end of one of the best trilogies I've ever watched, Shyamalan did leave tings open for possible future sequels. Hopefully, we get to visit this world of super heroes and villains again soon! 

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