Friday, June 24, 2011

NBC New York Lives’ swinging shindig

     On Tuesday may 24th 2011 I got off of work around 4pm and promptly headed home to do some extra work. I turned on my TV which is automatically set for NBC (ch.4) and New York Live (formally LX NY) was on. New York live is a show that airs every weekday from 5 – 6pm. Their anchors interview celebrity guests, report on the latest events in and round the city, review different city sights and on air product reviews.

On this show they were advertising a party for viewers of the show called the LX live fan appreciation night. We RSVP for this event and were on our way to the party. I arrived on May 25th 2011 with three friends at the Sky Room lounge located on the 33rd floor of 330 W 40th street. The entire cats and crew of both New York Live and NBC nightly news was present. 

There was also a camera crew on hand to film the entire event. There were fans of the show and executive producers of NBC on hand mingling with each other. Jessii Every one had name tags on to better identify each other; making it easier for introductions and such. There were appetizers which consisted of mini empanadas, Mac and cheese balls, tapas, and mini pizzas. We were privileged enough to enjoy a view of the city from the 33rd floor. 

   The sky room is essentially a two floor, very upscale, rooftop lounge. You first take the elevator to the 33rd floor where you exit at the main bar area. This part of the bar is huge and has a 180 degree view of lower Manhattan. There’s no outdoor area here but you are completely surrounded by windows in which you can see the view from, and there’s even windows all along the bar, behind where the liquor is kept, making a great backdrop for the bartenders.

    The New York Live party was held on the second floor of the lounge. Once past another bouncer, we headed up two flights of stairs to the real rooftop bar which has a 360 degree view of lower Manhattan. Here there are three bars all of which are completely outdoors. The roof is very pretty (as you can see from the accompanying photos) and well designed. 

    I thought the actual views here were interesting as on one side you had a view of Manhattan with tall buildings all lit up with lights like Times Square and on the other side you had sky scrapers the resembled old New York’s buildings with no lights or glass frames, most of these buildings are brown in color and you can see a water tower on each building. These buildings looked like something straight out of an old King Kong movie.

    The atmosphere clashed a bit as new New York was on one side and old New York was on the other. You weren’t able to get a clear view of the Hudson River either as there was too many other buildings blocking our view. I though it was interesting how you can truly see New York’s transformation from “old school” to “upscale skyscrapers”. 

All in all, the Sky Room rooftop and atmosphere as a while were pleasant, peaceful and serene. It was a very fun night filled with NBC celebs, fans and New Yorkers all networking and getting to know each other. I can’t wait for their next fan appreciation party on September 25th 2011! To find out more about it, just stayed tuned to their show or check out NBC’s website on how to RSVP for this next party.

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